Mad Road is a metal band operating in Tallinn. The collective was founded in 1989, and its active activity is divided into two periods: 1989–1994 and from 2010 to the present day. In terms of style, the keywords progressive/power/speed/thrash metal describe the band’s work (they propose a new name for it groove’n’heavy). Today’s Mad Road is a quintet with powerful clean vocals and a dynamic instrumental sound, where you can find elements from several different metal subgenres (from traditional speed and heavy metal to thrash and melodic death metal). As a result of the synthesis of these ingredients, Mad Road’s musical output gets an intriguing, rather dark, neo-progressive, somewhat theatrical, symphonic feel. On May 17 this year, Mad Road released their third album “Stitches”, the band proudly considers it the next big step in the development of their progressive groove’n’heavy metal “brand”. At the beginning of the year, the band released a video for the song “Poison”.


“Existential of Death”

“Storm Serenade”

“Golden Beær”


Jul 07 2023




River stage
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