BARBAR FEAST is not only about heavy music, it’s also about having a LOT of fun! Here are a few of the things going on at the festival grounds to make this weekend even more memorable for you:

Barbar Feast market is where the countrys best merchants, beer brewers and foodmakers meet. Bring your purse, because they will be after every coin ye got, those devils!!

  • Coffee tent Kaffi
  • Kubaano food truck
  • Pancake tent Toome köök
  • Thor Steinar
  • Viking village
  • Band merch

Although you are allowed to bring your own food and nonalcoholic drinks to the tent areas then it is not allowed to bring your own booze. For that we have A SHOP! Actually we have 2 of those, one in each tent are. The wide selection of booze can be bought with card and cash. Shops are open each day from 10:00-22:00.

Say “HELL YEAH!” after you’ve got a new tattoo at Black Bela Art & Tattoo’s tent AND a new colour for your hair at HAIRPOINT tent

Follow me down to the river… the mystical Pirita river is passing by the festival grounds and the River tent area. Splash in! Rock out!

Practice axe throwing & archery

Head out on the river right next to the River stage. Step in the boat and AHOI!

The smallest of the crew is expected to join in the adventure called the Barbar Feast! Grab your ADVENTURE BOOK upon entry and find the treasure!

On Saturday, 8th of July at 15.00 the Energy Discovery Center will proudly present their Science theater – where we will see how science is made from the simplest items available around us!

Keep your eyes open for any spontaneous swordfights, drinking & eating orgies etc. THAT’S WHAT BARBAR FEAST IS ALL ABOUT

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